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20 Q/A, 10.07.2007 02:06

20 Q/A for jAMIE..I enjoy when I will read these Q/A in the future...

1 - Last person you hugged
my brother when we was watching tv..we sat on sofa and kept about shoulders..our dog was watching with us...week ago

2 - Last car ride
two weeks ago when I went to work..fortunatelly nothing was happen I'm here.

3 - Last time you cried
More than ten years...

4 - Last movie you watched
Around the world in 80 days with Jackie Chan

5 - Last food you ate
two steaks with bread..about 7 o'clock p.m.

6 - Last item you bought
yesterday I bought mhd ticket

7 - Last shirt you wore
Red T-shirt from UAX with Basta Fidli and rastaman...

8 - Last phone call
with stepus at 23 hours

9 - Last text message
message for me here in HA: "tak ja dodam len to ,ze som nam tam vybavila report ;)" by smidka

10 - Last kiss
Week ago..I kissed my grandma..

11 - Last thing you touched
keyboard, mobil

12 - Last funeral
About five years ago..

13 - Last trip to the mall
week ago i went to penny market

14 - Last time you were excited for something
few minutes ago..I excited for this Q/A:)

15 - Last person you saw
stepus at 23:10 hours

16 - Last thing you drank
bubble water

17 - Last person that broke your heart
she knows but I think that what doesn't kill us it will reinforce us

18 - Last time you were happy
mostly I'm happy..

19 - Last plane ride
8 years ago when our family went for a week to the Canary Islands

20 - Last dream
I don't remember, may be about some great girl or unique artwork..may be about nightmare..

I'm sorry I'm not so good in english but I believe you understand me...

    mikimaus 10. července 2007, 11:31
    ale tohle je taky vpoho pac myslim, ze cim jednodussi a prehlednejsi tim lepsi...
    mikimaus 10. července 2007, 11:11
    jo takhle..tak to jsem zas neco spatne pochopil:sry: ...
    Nezn.uživatel 10. července 2007, 10:41
    ale já myslel moje portfolio na gardelka.com :tam: potřebuju tam mít i svoje grafický práce, budu to posílat zaměstnavatelům a tak :tam:
    mikimaus 10. července 2007, 10:23
    díky:) portfolio je fajn věc
    Nezn.uživatel 10. července 2007, 03:31
    dneska jsem chtěl jít spát trochu dřív, než mám poslední dobou zvykem. jdu totiž dopoledne do posilovny...ale zase jsem bohužel se zasekl v grafickým programu a už několik hodin pracuju na novým portfoliu, zdaleka nejstylovějším a nejužitečnějším, co jsem kdy měl. řekl jsem si, že si dám pauzu a kouknu na HA, vidím tohle a říkám si, že teď už fakt můžu jít spát :jo: super! :che:
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