20 Q/A for jAMIE, 11.07.2007 22:38

20 Q/A for jAMIE -> good idea:-) 1 - Last person you hugged good friend long time ago, she moved off 2 - Last car ride three days ago, I almost crashed the car -> hydroplaining 3 - Last time you cried about year ago, I was thinking back on my lovely doggie .... and almost now :( 4 - Last movie you watched Horákovi - ČT1 (but it is not a film, so -> Roming, in cinema on last Friday) 5 - Last food you ate risotto - dinner 6 - Last item you bought tempera and mirror, I've got an idea about photo where to use this;-) 7 - Last shirt you wore lightblue T-shirt I obtained year ago in photocompetition 8 - Last phone call with my father ... i needed to be taken somewhere 9 - Last text message ICQ, friend "monty", "dík :-)" 10 - Last kiss unfortunately looong time ago :(((( 11 - Last thing you touched mouse, keyboard 12 - Last funeral about year ago, my great-grandmother 13 - Last trip to the mall Sunday on my trip 14 - Last time you were excited for something everytime I look at my photos:) 15 - Last person you saw my brother, just now 16 - Last thing you drank water 17 - Last person that broke your heart me, I am breaking my heart quite often ... I still do mistakes, lifemistakes for which i hate myself for some time ... but it pass over 18 - Last time you were happy today .... but it is loong time ago I was really very happy 19 - Last plane ride February 2007 - vacation in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic 20 - Last dream I dreamt I obtained penalty by policeman. He said I did not stop in front of crosswallk! But there was nobody on it or in the near. But he said that it does not matter ! So I said I am a student and I have no money to pay, so I went off :-) (But I do not know what happened with car:D) Well, end . It was nice, I thought it's boring and bad, but now I am pity of only 20 Questions. Thank you :-) (wrote on 11th of July)
    Nezn.uživatel 13. července 2007, 00:09
    no já si myslím! díky za podporu :che:
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