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I come from there, and memories are what I have.

I was born just like you; I have a mother and a home with many windows.

I have brothers, friends and a prison with one cold window.

A wave stolen by seagulls, my own scene, an excessive herb.

I have a moon in the furthest extents of words,
the livelihood of birds and an immortal olive tree.
I wandered through this earth before these swords passed over a body turning it to a feast.

I come from there.

I bring the skies back to its mother when it cries over its absence.

I cry, so that a returning cloud may know me.

I learned each language suitable for the court of blood so that I may break the rules.

I learned the entire language, then disassembled it, in order to compose a single word: homeland.

Mahmoud Darwish

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